About Us

House of Sahara is a Kenyan - based bespoke furniture and decor retail experience that brings life to spaces through timeless products. Our pieces are not only unique but find their origin from a juxtaposition of cultures; locally, regionally and internationally.



Our inspiration is the world. A celebration of cultures. From Caracas to Nanyuki, Abidjan to Lima, Wellington to Vienna, Maui to Hong Kong; style in spaces abounds and we strive to bring the world under one roof – House of Sahara.

We know House of Sahara will help you unveil your inner stylish, classy and timeless self through our eclectic collective of indulgent, unique and affordable furniture for the home, office and garden.

We believe that every space, no matter how big or small is distinctive and should be able to tell a magnificent story.

Our Philosophy

Our store is run on the following philosophy:

  • Elegant warmth – Our pieces bring style to any space without being pretentious or unwelcoming;

  •  Timeless creativity – Each article tells a story which transcends time and can be passed from generation to generation;

  •  Ecologically handcrafted – 80% of our products are handcrafted with love by skilled artisans from around Africa using environmentally friendly materials and in some cases cultural processes;

  • Customer satisfaction – We aim to deliver timely and responsive customer care that exceeds customer expectation. 


We welcome you to the House of Sahara experience. We hope you find many masterpieces that not only complete your space but also make you feel happy and alive.