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By Sheena K February 5, 2018

The Red Sink

Day 5: Red sinks Fact: According to ophthalmologists, there are apparently 235 shades of red visible to the naked eye. Red Sinks: To date, almost all the sinks I have seen, be they in a home, office or restaurant, have always been white, baby pink, lilac or sky blue. I suppose the philosophy of sinks is […]

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By Sheena K February 5, 2018

Red Window Treatment

Day 6: Red window treatments Fact: Red is the first colour a baby sees. Red window treatments: For some odd reason, choosing curtains or window treatments paralyze me. I can’t quite put my finger on it but shopping for curtains always reminds me of shopping for a ‘Sunday Best’ outfit, the only difference being I can’t […]

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By Sheena K February 4, 2018

Red Art

Day 4: Red Art Fact: Today’s fact is short and sweet. Did you know the word “Red” also means “Beautiful” in Russian? Red Art: Last year we wrote a post on why we love African Art. (You can find it here) We still strongly believe that every room from the kitchen to the nursery to the bathroom […]

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