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Red Art

By Sheena K February 4, 2018

Day 4: Red Art

Fact: Today’s fact is short and sweet. Did you know the word “Red” also means “Beautiful” in Russian?

Red Art: Last year we wrote a post on why we love African Art. (You can find it here) We still strongly believe that every room from the kitchen to the nursery to the bathroom to the bedroom should have a piece of art. Art need not be inexpensive and can range from woven baskets to maasai beaded neck pieces. Art is also very subjective and as such depends on your own personal preference. We will say however, art has always been used as a tool of self expression and in a world full of stress, drama and some times ugly, isn’t it nice to come to a space where you can inhale, exhale and have your nerves calm at the site of a beautiful art piece?

As we sometimes do commercial projects, I must mention the uptake and appreciation for art by our very own Java restaurants. I do believe hey are one of the pioneers in the hotel industry to use their walls as a gallery to showcase some of the amazing work our Kenyan artists create. We must also give a shout out to others in the same industry such as the Intercontinental Hotel that not only displays these works of art but also sells them on behalf of the artists. Nandos is also another restaurant that is big on promoting African Artists in their different locations across the world. Way to go guys.

We also must commend certain organizations such as the Creatives Garage and HEVA fund that are supporting local artists either through offering them a space, funding or mentorship. Lets encourage our own and pretty soon, we will have the Nzebos, Thukus and Boruyas of today being studied and feted the world over like the Da Vincis and Van Gohs of yester years.

If you do require bespoke art pieces such as paintings, there are several options open to you. We have spaces like Kuona in Kilimani, Karen Village in Karen and Brush Tu in Buruburu that hosts amazing talent. Get in touch with them to have a piece commissioned.

P.S…Featured image by Boris Nzebo. A super talented West African Artist.

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