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Red Window Treatment

By Sheena K February 5, 2018

Day 6: Red window treatments

Fact: Red is the first colour a baby sees.

Red window treatments: For some odd reason, choosing curtains or window treatments paralyze me. I can’t quite put my finger on it but shopping for curtains always reminds me of shopping for a ‘Sunday Best’ outfit, the only difference being I can’t change it daily or weekly for that matter. Moreover, lets be honest, curtains are not cheap. Good quality curtains are quite high in price. However, when you think of the cost benefit and the fact that these are items that your space could have for the next 20,30 or 50 years, it truly is worth it not to skimp on this item. It is for this reason that I stress, if there is one room decor tip you should never forget is that good quality curtains can actually make or break the room. From the colour, to the quality, to the lining, to the texture, to the tailoring, to the length…. all these dimensions need to come together seamlessly if you are going for a classy and not trashy look.

We shan’t go into detail as to what curtains to choose on this post. However, we will say, when choosing red curtains for your room consider the following:

  1. What look or mood are you going for in your room? Is it a shabby chic, traditional elegance, Afro-fusion theme?
  2. Patterned or plain? This is dependent on the wall texture or pattern (if it has wall paper) and the furniture in the room. You need not be matchy matchy when it comes to patterns and the colour red. For instance, if you have blood red sofas, you need not have blood red curtains, and blood red walls with blood red lights. That would have a contradictory effect in any room and actually cause anxiety or nausea. (Yes, colours can do that)(Patterned red curtains currently in my room. Going for the 80s vibe)

3. The texture of the curtains is also very crucial as usually with age and constant sunlight, red curtains could fade.

4. The room itself. For instance dark red velvety curtains may not be appropriate for a nursery but may look absolutely stunning in an adult bedroom.

If you are thinking of going the window shutter or blinds route, finding coloured or red shutters for that matter in Kenya isn’t the easiest of tasks (but not impossible). While most people prefer to use shutters for the office, they too can be used at home.

Which of the window treatments do you prefer? Curtains or shutters?


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