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The Red Table

By Sheena K February 3, 2018

Day 3: The Red Table

Fact: The word “ruby” comes from the Latin word rubens, meaning “red”. Want to know what red is in some of the most spoken languages in the world? Well in Mandarin it is  红 (pronounced Hong like Hong Kong); in Arabic it is ahmar; in French it is rouge; in Spanish it is rojo (Thank you Dora the explorer); in German it is rot and in Hindi it is laal. Do you know what red is in Swahili? If so, leave your answer in the comment section. (hint: it isn’t manjano as some people in the House of Sahara office kept insisting… ahem…lol)

Red Table: We at House of Sahara do love our natural wood finishing. However, we also love experimenting with different textures, colours and shapes. From our research, we have gathered that red large pieces are best blended with muted colours such as greys , blacks, whites and perhaps navy blues. Having a red table in your space is also dependent on the size and design of the table itself.

Take for example this set up where the dining table is a beautiful red. Had the chairs and walls not been a muted off-white then the table would have been harsh in the room no matter how beautiful it is in itself.

Another example is this red dining table with Scandinavian/ Nordic style chairs in blue. Gives off a minimalist vibe that works.

We absolutely love this look and how it has been styled. The coffee table is just the right shade, size and height for the room and some how adds a pop of colour that ties all the pieces together in a bow.

Tell us what you think about red bold tables for your space.


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